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TV in Haiku: Heroes 3x07

I'm actually mildly pissed about tonight's episode, not for what was in it, but for what wasn't. I'll explain it behind the spoiler cut.

Papa Petrelli
You piss me off so, so much

Okay, it's the last line that is the reason for my aggravation. See, there's been a comic arc on NBC that's been leading up to tonight's episode, to the point where it was called "Sum Quod Sum" and tonight's ep is "Eris Quod Sum". The comic arc details Elle's first attempt to find a way to get a handle on her powers. And what was her first attempt? She went to England and FUCKING FOUND CLAUDE. The arc itself isn't finished yet, so I was hoping tonight's ep would be the result of her having found Claude, and if he didn't come back with her for whatever reason, at least mentioning this fact. But nope, no Claude. So yeah, I'm pissed that I didn't get my Eccles fix, despite it looking so much like that's what NBC was working toward.
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