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TV in Haiku: Supernatural 4x09 and ER 15x07

For once tonight, I don't regret just having an ER icon because that's mostly what I'll be talking about tonight.

Girl can hear angels
And we find out Sam had sex
Yeah, that's about it

Yes, Mark Greene is back
But only in some flashbacks
Damn, no zombie Mark

All kidding aside, ER was an unexpected treat tonight. If TV in Haiku had something resembling an FAQ, the #1 question would probably be "why do you watch ER if you seem to hate it so much?". The reason is because I've watched it from the beginning, when it was really good, so I feel like I have to stick it out to the end. I joke that I'm in a competition to see who will last longer: me, or the show. And since it's the last season, it seems I've won.

But tonight was a pleasant surprise. They've been hyping Anthony Edwards' return since the beginning of the season, and I usually don't fall for gimmicky, obviously ratings-grabbing episode. So imagine my shock when this episode not only had Anthony Edwards, but surprise cameos by Laura Innes, Abraham Benrubi, and Paul McCrane. Eriq La Salle also appeared at the beginning to dedicate the episode to producer Michael Crichton, who passed away last week, and we've gotten word from Noah Wyle (who has never denied he was returning) that he'll be back by the end, as well as George Clooney, but those appearances were not only a total surprise, but very well-played. Just a casual "if Mark is still around, these people would be, too". I've always loved Jerry (although Frank grew on me), and Weaver and Romano were my favorite doctors, so I about jumped for joy when they appeared. I kept having moments of "is that...no, it couldn't be, they'd have publicized that up the ass...OH MY GOD IT IS!".

For a gimmicky episode of the flavor I am usually not fond of, I thought the entire thing was very well handled and put together, and I have to give everyone a pat on the back for a job well done this time around. I mean, it's the final hour and they don't have much time to impress me, but tonight they did, anyway. Hopefully this will mean the end of Banfield's bitchy ice queen act, though. I get where she's coming from, but it's still old. Romano and Weaver were much better badass ER chiefs.
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