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05 December 2008 @ 09:52 pm
TV in Haiku: ER 15x09  
I'm posting from the lovely Samoset Resort in Rockport right now. Praise the Lord for wireless because my weekend full of military functions is...well, not. Anyway, missed ER last night, but caught up this morning just before leaving, hence the lateness. I doubt anyone is waiting with baited breath for my ER update, anyway.

ER is snowed in
Alex gets into a crash
Cliffhanger ending
Current Mood: contentcontent
bean_bunnybean_bunny on December 6th, 2008 03:14 am (UTC)
Military? Is everything okay?
A Guy Named Goo: Fires of Hell by slytherinblackaguynamedgoo on December 6th, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
My dad's being deployed for a second time in January. I've known for about a year (I actually expected it to come sooner, back in September). This is a weekend for workshops and stuff for families to learn how to cope and keep in touch and things like that.