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TV in Haiku: Heroes 3x13

Huh. Not only is Heroes going on hiatus, this was the season finale. They're still returning in February, so I guess instead of one big season, they're doing two mini-seasons. I've been hearing talk that Heroes is probably going to be no more after this season, since it's been consistently grossly overbudget in every episode (and had to let some of the writing staff go as a result) this season, and the ratings haven't been good enough to justify it. I have to say, as much as I love the show, it's probably best it bow out gracefully now. While not nearly as good as the phenomenal first season, at least this one's pulled it back up from the crapper of S2, so it should probably get out of the game while it's more or less ahead. It was an ambitious project, and I'm thankful to it for showing me just what episodic sci-fi TV is capable of (between Heroes and Supernatural, it's done a lot to inspire my own TV writing ambitions), but I can't say I'll be terribly heartbroken if this is it.

But you're not here to watch me possibly preemptively eulogize Heroes. You're here for haiku!

It was a bad night
Bad for Petrellis, and
Bad for the Bennets

And on a relevant note, yes, this is the last show to go on hiatus, and yes, I'll be getting on the move ASAP. Not that anyone's on the edge of their seat for it, but thought I'd keep you posted.

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