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TV in Haiku: Supernatural 4x11 and ER 15x11 and 15x12

Okay, there is a TV in Haiku journal. It's, unsurprisingly, tvinhaiku. It's just not up just yet because I'm still working on past ep haikus. So for now, new ones will keep going up here and I'll eventually transfer them over and reroute people that way for all their TV in Haiku needs.

Also, ER actually returned last week, but I forgot to recap it. I'm a dumbass. So you get an ER twofer tonight.

Hell makes Dean feel bad
Ghosts are actually kids
Locked up and tortured

Banfield wants baby
Drug dealer and kid brother
Get shot, tug heartstrings

Yes, gimmicky ep
Story three different ways
You pick the ending

In other news, Alex "RIVER FUCKING SONG" Kingston reprised her role as Dr. Elizabeth Corday on tonight's ER...for all of five minutes. Nice to see they're still treating her well. Well, they're bound determined to get every last damn original or favorite cast member into this final season as possible, even if they have to really force it.

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