April 30th, 2006

Beautiful Day Roseanne by jedi_mindtruck

Fucking A

I am rarely pissed off at my grandmother, and right now, I am furious. Remember how I had to send my Rent tickets that someone bought me back and I can't go to NYC? Apparently, a couple of weeks later, she is going to NYC. Her reason? "Someone gave me tickets to a show." I offered to pay for the trip, she said no. I said I'd pay for me to go, she said no. But she can apparently go to NYC to see a show because it's one she wants to see. And that's the only reason I can think of for this: she didn't want to see Rent, but she wants to see this show. (It's a taping of the John Edwards show, if you're curious.) I can't even begin to describe how hurt and betrayed I am by this, and I am seriously going to work hard to make sure that I am not still here when she gets back. She's the last person keeping me here, and if she could do something like this to me, then good riddance.