January 15th, 2009

Angels Had Guitars by slytherinblack

Ars Arcanum: An RPG Pimp

Welcome to the City. Maybe it once had a name, but it's been lost to the ages, forgotten in the midst of an ongoing war. The City is ground zero, and you've just been drafted to fight. You don't know why you were chosen, you have no personal stake in this battle, yet by all accounts, you have no choice but to fight if you want to make it back home.

You arrive in the Parlor, where you find out which side you're on. The Oracles inform you that although you still have your weapons and powers, you may find them less effective in this world than where you came from. They offer you new weapons to use in the fight: a tarot card, drawn specifically for you, that gives you an ability that synchs up with those commonly found in this world.

The card chooses your ability, what side of the battle you're on, where you live while you're in the City. It offers insight into you as a person. It chooses your new destiny. No matter what you choose to fight for, be it a sense of justice, an honest belief in what your side is trying to accomplish, or a desire for more power, one thing is for certain: you'll never be the same after the war is over.

Right now, what we'd most like to see are some Major Arcana applicants for the Reversed side and some Minor Arcana characters on the Upright side. In general, we're a laid-back, active group looking for people with the same sort of attitude. We have a small group so far, but the game is already rolling and it's very easy for newcomers to join in. This is a multi-fandom RP so basically the sky's the limit on who you want to bring in. We've got characters from a variety of media so far, including video games (both mainstream and independent), anime and manga, western animation, live action TV, and books.

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TV in Haiku: Supernatural 4x11 and ER 15x11 and 15x12

Okay, there is a TV in Haiku journal. It's, unsurprisingly, tvinhaiku. It's just not up just yet because I'm still working on past ep haikus. So for now, new ones will keep going up here and I'll eventually transfer them over and reroute people that way for all their TV in Haiku needs.

Also, ER actually returned last week, but I forgot to recap it. I'm a dumbass. So you get an ER twofer tonight.

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In other news, Alex "RIVER FUCKING SONG" Kingston reprised her role as Dr. Elizabeth Corday on tonight's ER...for all of five minutes. Nice to see they're still treating her well. Well, they're bound determined to get every last damn original or favorite cast member into this final season as possible, even if they have to really force it.
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