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Cold Comfort

Jake never showed up. Or rather, he did but apparently couldn't find me (I was standing on the lawn of Bangor Hall, jackass. For an hour. Right where I said I would be, when I said I would be there.) so I didn't get to do any Anime Club stuff. Also, my financial aid stuff is screw up so I can't even go to class tonight.

Unexpected accolades: got my test scores back from the testing I did last week. I tested out of all the classes I thought I would have to take as pre-recs, something that is apparently unheard of. To which I said "cool" and didn't even bother telling my grandmother. (Basically what this means: I just knocked off a year from my schooling. Which is good, since I've been a Freshman for going on three years now.)

I have also decided I want to become deluded. Deluded people are happier, and I've been saying I wish I were someone else. Well, time to combine that with the "you can only do things for yourself" advice people gave me and make myself into a fictional character. I'll let you know when I decide who.
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