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Today's my grandmother's birthday. I've known it was coming for a while (curse my inability to forget dates) but being unemployed, I was unable to give her anything except a $160 cell phone bill from my trip and her having to lend me another $300 for school. So yeah, I feel like crap about it. To make matters worse, she's taking me out to dinner tonight for her birthday. And then there's still Rami's birthday tomorrow, which I need to think of something to do for her. (Did you know you're not easy to write for, Rami?)

Also, I was taking a tally of things I'm afraid of earlier because I have to fill out a form for psych analysis for the school (not for my major, for the program they are putting me in because I'm "crazy"). Here they all are for those of you who are intigued (Mars is the only person who knows all of these, I believe. Some of you may have heard two or three of the most interesting ones):

War (namely war involving bombs. Especially atomic bombs, but bombs, period)
Guns. Or rather, being shot. Coming from a state where hunting is prevelent I have been in the presence of guns before with no fear. There was even a handgun in my house when fucknuts lived there. I've held said gun and was told how to fire it (I didn't actually fire it, though.) I just have this horrible, irrational fear that someone's going to shoot me. It was really apparent in Baltimore. (Note: I am not afraid of my Airsoft gun or being shot with it. I ask people not to shoot with it because it has a kick to it that'll break your nose if you don't brace yourself for it. That, and it's not loaded so there's no point. If you try to shoot a spring-back gun with no ammo you'll very likely wreck it.)
Spiders. God, I hate spiders. I'm not nearly as afraid of them now as I was even a year or so ago (I can kill one if I see it, depending on how big it is).
Men. Actually, I like hanging out with men, but not alone or in certain situations. I could never have sex with one.
People in full-body animal/character costumes. This means furries, characters like Big Bird and Barney, and the worst offender: H.R. Puffinstuff. I am also rather afraid of puppets. I blame episodes of the Muppet Show when I was little. It's not all costumes or all puppets, just ones that look a certain way.
Mysticsm. A little astrology here or there is okay, but I honestly don't like discussing my own precognition or things tied to psychic abilities or mysticsm, period. Creeps me the fuck out. (Although I do appreciate the Tarot reading, Jen.)

EDIT: It is possible to to replace every song in FF7 with a song by Mike Oldfield and you wouldn't notice much difference.

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