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05 September 2004 @ 07:48 pm
Getting In Touch With My Inner-Vincent  
Here are pics of my new hairstyle and color. It's too short, but it'll grow out (and I'll have to dye it again) and I'll look more like Turks-era Vincent.

Before haircut and color. I don't have any pics of just the haircut without the color, but you probably aren't missing anything.

The hair dye. "Natural Blue Black". I was laughing at the stuff written on the back, where it listed what color your hair would turn if you used this with various hair colors. (Salt and Pepper: Blue Black. 50% Gray: Blue Black. 90% Gray: Blue Black.)

Getting in touch with my inner Turk. Don't mess with me. *Nod nod*

And here's a pic of my eyes I took to frighten Rami and ended up deciding it was just cool.
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