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LJ Pirate by steely_glint
This week I have mostly been stealing...?
You are a...Ninja Pirate
Your ship is called...The Unterhosen
Your treacherous first mate is...urbia
Your loyal bosun is...kiwi_kero
Your sexual plaything...umm, I mean your cabin boymegmurry
You lost your...Arse
To a...Passing herd of flying fish
And replaced it with a...Wooden one
Your pirate pet is...Your collection of lice
Your pirate catchphrase is...Argh! Let go my ear you bastard parrot!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

EDIT: I dropped a piece of toast, and I swear to God it landed butter-side up. I'm serious! I'd have taken pics if I had a camera! Although it's a hollow victory at best, as I am left to wonder if my inability to hold anything lately is a bad sign.

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