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Somedays it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps...

Well, got my eyes looked at. Apparently there is something in my left one, both of them are burnt, and I have corneal abrasions on my right one. They gave me these horrific eye drops I need to use four times a days for two days, and this hellacious salve I have to put in my eye for a week. Apparently I can't see after I use it, too, so they told me to put it in before I go to sleep. Problem: I don't sleep. So yeah, this is gonna be a fun week.

Freakiness of the day: the burns in my eyes are chemical burns. It's impossible for canned ravioli to cause them, they said. Which means I don't have a damn clue what the hell got in my eyes to fuck them up. It's possible someone was wearing perfume in class (perfume tends to eat away at my eyes and lungs), but I would have coughed if that were the case. Maybe it's the smoking, but I've been around smoke before and I have never had eye irritation, plus I've been smoking for about a month. It's odd that I wouldn't get a problem in my eyes until I injured them.

Well, at least I got to spend money that I don't have. I got volume four of Get Backers (I'll need to look and see if this copy still calls Kadsuki a girl) and I got the first Hellsing soundtrack. I'll get the second one...whenever. ~_~ (I almost got the second one instead because I liked the pic of Integra on it, but I decided to be anal retentive and go in order.) This damn semester is going to be over before I get the financial aid I was supposed to use to survive through it. ~_~

Hellsing folks: know where I can get a good screenshot or manga scan of Alucard when he was tied up? I have an idea for a snarky icon but I can't find said screen. I'm sure if I tried hard enough to go through all my eps I could find it, but who wants to do that?

And quick reminder for myself because I'm liable to forget if I don't make it: ER season premier tonight at 9:30, not 10:00.

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