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*Spits out soda*

So I was watching the Hellsing dub (which I love and I don't care who knows it) when I noticed something in the credits: Walter's played by someone named Ralph Lister. The big deal? I honest to God think I know that guy. It's possible I'm wrong. Hell, I hope I am. But I can't seem to find a bio for the guy anywhere. Just a list of roles.

Basically, growing up in Corinna (Corel) there was a slumlord named Marvin Lister. He owned the town's only place where you could buy oil (apparently he was related to the Listers that own Lister Petroleum, which is a big name up here) and because he had oil money he owned most of the town as well, including many houses and apartment buildings. The big deal? Marvin was a slumlord, pure and simple. None of his buildings were ever up to code, he would break into tenants' apartments when they weren't around, and he had arbitrary rules for everything. And when I was 11, my family had the misfortune of being forced to live in a Marvin Lister hellhole.

Marvin had an adult son (in his 20s when I met him). The guy was a total sleezebag and usually wasn't far from his father or his money. Because everyone knew everything about each other in a small town, it was a well-known fact that this guy wanted to be an actor and he wanted to run off with daddy's money to do it. And in the end he did: stole $10,000 and ran off and no one ever saw him again. The guy's name? Ralph.

Obviously he wasn't British, but I remember clear as day: his voice sounded just like that. Poor Walter. If this is the Ralph I'm thinking of, he doesn't deserve that by a long shot (and someone named Ralph Lister out there has grounds to sue me for libel. ^_^;). So to keep from being sued, let me reiterate: I AM NOT 100% SURE THAT THIS IS THE GUY I KNOW. IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT I AM MISTAKEN.

But still, now poor Walter undeservedly has a bad connection in my mind.

EDIT: Nope, it's not that guy. In fact, this particular Ralph Lister is pretty impressive as far as voice actors go and I'm sorry to have mistaken him for this asshole. Here's his portfolio for those who are interested.
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