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The Voodoo Child arc is making me all twitchy and stuff. My inner Himikos are all getting kinda fidgety as I read it (for varying reasons ranging from "that didn't happen" to "you're not going to like what happens next") and I am not enjoying it one bit. Well, at least Himiko's fighting now so I should get some of the answers I want soon (but not soon enough. The mangakas are on a one month hiatus for the holidays). This is why I hate getting into things that are still in progress: they take a wrong turn and the suspense causes me undue stress.

I should write something. I want to, but knowing me as I do (which admittedly isn't very well lately) I probably won't. Let's all be surprised.

And a quick note: at Barnes & Noble and B. Dalton they have these cute little "Collector's Series" books for five bucks a piece. They are pocket-sized, hard-covered, have sturdy gilded pages and really nice afterwards and extended reading. But don't buy them. I bought two so far, buying the claim of "Complete and Unabridged" as printed on the cover. One, The Complete Grimms' Fairy Tales, was anything but complete and had maybe a fourth of their stories at most, missing the stories I bought the damn thing for, and the other, Little Women, ends at Part One but there is no printing of Part Two, which is the less-than-sugarcoated part of the book. Methinks these Collector's Series books are trying to cater to children.
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