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The Trip

Okay, here's the update about the bus trip from hell:

First I almost missed the bus entirely because we got to the station just as the bus was leaving and they gave me a run-around about my ticket (you missed me actually losing my temper and screaming at people!). So we get to Harrisburg a little late (at least there was a movie on the bus). There I realized they had me going to Boston, GA, not Boston, MA, so I had to get my tickets fixed again. The bus to take us to NY was 45 minutes late because of the weather. When I got to NY a very nice white supremecist bought me some chocolate milk and bananas after I didn't let a homeless guy cheat me out of $1,000. Then the bus from NY to Boston was full because a lot of the people were there had missed their buses because their bus was late, so I had to get on another bus an hour and a half later. From NY to Boston I sat in the back of the bus with a bunch of Brazilian foreign exchange students. The one sitting next to me smelled horrible, the one in front of me snored horribly, and I think they were making fun of me in Portuguese. It turns out it was the bus driver's first run and she kept pulling over to have a panic attack, turning a 4 hour bus trip into a 9 hour one where some of the people on the bus very nearly mutinied. So we get to Boston at last and they tell me I can take the next bus to Bangor. Problem: the next bus to Bangor has disappeared off the face of the fucking Earth. They thought it had had an accident since they couldn't even radio it. It shows up an hour and a half late and takes twenty minutes to prep, but I get on it just as another bus to Bangor shows up, so passengers start fighting over who is going on what bus. By some miracle the weather cleared up and we got to Bangor in relatively good time. I show up at 8PM. My grandmother has been waiting for me in Bangor since 2.There she informs me that my mother got fired from her job and one of my closest family friends dropped dead the other day (right around when I was discussing her with Jen, actually). And that's how I spent my summer vacation.
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