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Musical Madness

I need to give the musicals a rest for a while, I guess, because now I want to write musicals for everything. I seriouslly thought of doing a crossover of Get Backers and the Buffy musical. (Himiko = Buffy, Kagami = Spike. CRACK!) Then I dismissed it because I think what I want to do is bring back the Actors from Life of Shindou Shuichi. (For those who didn't read that, the Actors are nameless, faceless people who reinact key scenes from a person's life in the form of a musical while a person is in a coma. They adopt the appearance, voice, and personality of the people they are playing.) I am thinking maybe Integra should have a run-in with the Actors. I'd do it for GB, but I'm not sure who I would do it for (everyone has a really vague past).
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