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25 December 2004 @ 08:25 am
Merry Chirstmas  
I saw my dad on TV last night, on CBS news. He said hi and merry Christmas to me, my brother, and his wife. I also got to talk to him on the phone this morning, which was great. He was a bit down because one of the men killed in the bombing on his base was in his unit, a young guy that he was always talking about, plus he had to go to a memorial service for the people who died.

So far for Christmas I have gotten a watch (no more SpongeBob!), $125 in Best Buy gift certificates, and $20. And a care package my grandmother meant to send to me in PA (lots of shampoo :/). My brother got DDR Extreme, but it was for his X-Box so I wasn't familiar with any of the songs. He is helping me to get really good at it, though.

*Slinks off to be sick and hopes he doesn't give it to already sick aunt.*
Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Current Music: Christmas specials on TV