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Birthday Report

I finally got the damn ice cream cake I've wanted since I was seven. Huzzah!

I got a couple of really awesome pieces of fanart (warning: one is a bunch of inside jokes for me and Mars). If you want to see them, here they are:

http://fs5.deviantart.com/i/2005/010/f/9/Darkness_is_Willow_by_Digilee.jpg One of Willow from Buffy by Digilee.

http://img153.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img153&image=untitled10dp.jpg In-jokes by Mars.

And my grandmother got me a really nice hardcover Hellsing book that has episode summaries, character profiles, and a D&D-style game featuring Hellsing characters. It's really kickass. I'm hoping I can get Jake to play the game with me. (It opens with a highly editorialized essay on Hellsing's place in modern vampire lore. I didn't agree with all of their points, but it was a really good essay and I could see their POV. It also made me wax nostalgic about the TV show Forever Knight that I adored in junior high.)

I also got a lot of IOUs for birthday presents. Oh well. Not like I ever really celebrate, anyway. *Thumbs up.*

Got a job interview tomorrow at 9AM. Wish me luck!
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