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Good Morning Baby

I really need to stop looking at my friends list this early in the morning. At least fanficrants seems to make it more entertaining and bearable, but I will probably have to unjoin the SVU comms for the sake of my sanity (speaking of which, really spiffy looking new ep on tonight).

I happened to catch this show last night. I actually really like it. It's in the "kids shows that give kids some credit" catagory, which always amuse me by the things tht they are willing to say. Plus one of the girls looks like a cross between Integra and Himiko, which is always a good thing. (Unfortunately she doesn't act like it, being afraid of her own shadow and obnoxiously neurotic. And sounding like a drag queen doesn't help matters much.)

I think I need to lay off the playlist period lately, but especially Verdi Cries. It triggers really strong recall that Anna seems to think is from Enrico. Not that I would mind having Enrico recall (although other people in my system might), it's just that it likes to pop up at times when I am trying to concentrate. I have already set my system up as a benevolent dictatorship (on Mela's advice, although Integra spends more time as the benevolent dictator than I do, much to her chagrin), so I think I need to create a designated "recall time". (Although just writing it here I suddenly think of at least fifty things that could go wrong with a designated recall time.)

Also, I think I want to cosplay as Pimp!Alucard somewhere (as in manga pimp-suit Alucard). It would be a hoot, at any rate. And I still want one of the Organization cloaks from Kingdom Hearts, dammit!

EDIT: There are usually an odd number of meatballs in the Spaghetti-Os. It drives me up the wall. The can I got today had an even number, though. But still, it should be like the bags of M&Ms, which always have an even number of M&Ms (you can tell if people have been swiping your M&Ms or if you dropped some if you finish the bag and there is an odd one left over).

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