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Having fun in Seiyuu Land, wish you were here...

-Paku Romi, one of my favorite seiyuu that I thought I haven't heard much from, apparently has been around in things I am familiar with. Aside from being Ken/Digimon Kaiser in Digimon, she played young Juubei in episode 19 of Get Backers and is Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist.

-Morikubo Shoutarou, Ginji's seiyuu in Get Backers, is going to be Kadaj in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He's also Shikamaru Nara in Naruto.

-Mitsugi Saiga, the voice of MakubeX in Get Backers, plays several extra roles in Cowboy Bebop (including the computer). She is also Maria Ross in Full Metal Alchemist and Junior in Read Or Die TV.

-Kuwatani Natsuko, who plays Himiko in Get Backers, is a singer. I am currently DLing a series that she did the music (and the voice of a character) in. (Mahou Sensei Nagima, if you want to know. She performs the opening theme and Yue Ayase.) She was also apparently an extra in episode 7 of Weiß Kreuz Glühen. (Damn, now I wish I remembered what the hell happened in that ep...) She's also Tweedledee in Kiddy Grade.

-Tobita Nobuo, the voice of Akabane in Get Backers, is Ando in Battle Athletes, Ryo in FAKE, Sinistra in Kiddy Grade, Ebisu in Naruto, and for those of you Adult Swim fans, in the original Super Milk-Chan Show he's the voice of Dr. Eyepatch.

-Konishi Katsuyuki plays both Akutsu Shunsuke (the violinist) and Uryuu Toshiki in Get Backers. He's also Spinel Sun in Card Captor Sakura, Berger in Weiß Kreuz Glühen, and Ashiwara Hiroyuki in Hikaru no Go.

-And Tanaka Masahiko, who plays Get Backers' very own Hellsing reject Fudou Takuma, was the vampire priest from Cheddar in the first episode of Hellsing. He's also Kazekage in Naruto.

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