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I got my Integra gashapon. ^_^ (Rami, I will leave my address in a private entry to you if you want to send me the Walter one. Also, I may know people who want the other Integra one if you can't find anyone to take it.) She tends to lean forward a bit (like my Sephiroth ones do) but unlike my Sephiroth ones, who do it because their ankles are weak, she just looks like she's looking down at something (or someone). I need to fashion her little glasses now, because she seems naked without them. Not that naked Integra is a bad thing. She came with two cigars, and I accidently broke off the tapered end of one of them that made it fit in the hole in the corner of her mouth, so I almost had to put the lit end in her mouth before it occured to me to use the other cigar. I am not sure how secure it is in her mouth right now, so I'll need to find my superglue and use that to secure it. I put the other cigar on her little base, which looks like the ground, so it looks like she discarded it or something. Although it kind of implies she's chain smoking, but if she's standing outside holding her gun but not wearing her glasses she'd probably need more than one cigar anyway. So says me.

And I finished the Fic That Should Not Have Been Written. I am currently waiting for someone's verdict before I find out whether it is also the Fic That Will Never Be Seen. Note to self: "Hellsing" and "Fiction Mania" are not terms that belong together.
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