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[Get Backers] Genderswitch Drabbles, Take 2.5

Once again picking up from where gisho left off, here's some more of the girls. I don't think there are enough girls left in the series to do any more, but if you can think of any I missed then ask. If I have to I'll pad out another batch with game characters.

Ren blushed deeply, standing on the other side of the partition in the pharmacy. Well, the guy did look like a girl, so that meant there was nothing wrong with him...right? All he knew was despite the fact that they were both male, he couldn’t bring himself to watch the man dressing.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed,” Kadsuki reassured the boy. “All sorts of men make that mistake all the time.”

Ren turned to look in the room, watching with amazement as all that hair was wrapped. It was a mistake, but not the one Kadsuki was thinking of...


“Ban!” Maria exclaimed. He stepped up away from his cards and all but ran to the door, taking Ban into a tight embrace. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! How have you been?”

Ginji looked at the witch that had raised Ban with raised eyebrows. Maria released Ban and walked over to Ginji, pinching his cheeks. “And you’ve brought a cute friend with you!”

“Ne, Ban-chan, Maria-san is scary!” Ginji whispered to Ban when the flamboyant man released him.

Ban nodded in agreement, not caring if Maria heard him. “Now you know why I ran away from him...”


“Natsumi-chan called in sick today,” Rena explained from his place in the kitchen. “Master said that I could make you guys some food! On the house!”

Ban and Ginji wondered what kind of sadist Paul was as Rena placed something unrecognizable in front of them. “There you go. No hard feelings?”

“No thank-” Ban started, before he noticed the evil glare in the boy’s eyes, and the fact that he was still holding his knife. “I mean, it looks great!”

“Wonderful!” Rena said, bouncing back into the kitchen.

The boys thought Paul should stick to hiring cute high school girls.


It had seemed like such a romantic dream: run off to France, find a lover, live the Bohemian lifestyle...but Hera should have known that it would fall apart in the end. He had expected to romance girls on the Riviera, not take up with a penniless male artist. He’d risked everything for him, and had only been thrown away.

Hera looked into his wine glass, sighing deeply. Looking back, he’d been young and foolish. But no more of that. Tossing back the rest of the glass’s contents, he made a resolution to himself: he would never pursue his dreams again.


“You’re such a showoff,” Kanou accused, glaring at Kaoru from the corner of his eye as the man let a flame dance in his hand. Kaoru snorted, stepping out of the darkened room. He’d been accused of being a showoff before, after all.

He remembered back when he was in the VOLTS, how he’d use his most impressive powers all the time, even when they were overkill. How he’d “idly” make impressive fire shows late at night when everyone was bunked down and bored. Everyone noticed. Everyone, that is, except the Raitei. The one person he was showing off for.


Some men would have taken offense to being called “witch”, a term usually applied to women. But then, very few of them knew what the term actually entailed. The Witch King knew, though. He had tried to explain it to his proteges, male and female. He had tried to stress the importance of it on his son, and later, his grandson.

His abilities had been taught to others already. His most valuable gifts had already been passed on. But as his life seemed to be nearing it’s end, he wondered if any of them understood what a witch really was...

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