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Drabbles for reunion

You make a smartass request, you get smartass drabbles in return...

It was mostly boredom that brought Alucard up to the front of his Master’s office. He had planned to just slide inside without acknowledging his presence as he usually did, but as he began to push his hand through some sounds from the other side caused him to freeze.

“A little higher! Higher!” Integra’s voice barked.

“L-like this, Sir Integra?” Seras asked, sounding as if her mouth were full.

“No, higher. Like this. See?”

“Like this?”

“Yes. That’s perfect.”

Alucard stood pondering this scene for a moment, before deciding he had best see for himself. He phased through the door, looking at the two women. They were currently on step ladders on either end of the picture window, Seras’ mouth full of nails as she held the curtain rod with one hand and a hammer in the other.


“Ne, Himiko-chan?” Ginji asked, glancing over at the girl in question. She looked up from her coffee to meet his gaze, her raised eyebrow imploring him to go further. “If you don’t mind my asking...what is the star for?”

“What?” Himiko asked, putting down the cup of coffee.

“Yeah. You never used to have that,” Ban added, leaning forward to poke it a little.

Himiko reached up and felt where Ban poked, before using her fingernail to remove the star entirely. She examined it on the tip of her finger. “Oh. This. Why, do you want it?”

Ban and Ginji just gaped at her.


I remember long ago, back in 1999. The Sue of choice was the 9th Chosen Child, the yaoi camps were furiously at war with the Tai/Sora camp, and I wasn't even sure what the hell yaoi was. And really, I should have resisted the temptation.

A whole six years later, I am still haunted by visions of Digital Monsters and Mary Sues and bad smut where the flowery adjectives were far more plentiful than the lubricant. These are things that I do not often wish to revisit, and yet I am dragged back periodically by the girls who just couldn’t let my atrocities go, like war crimes I am awaiting trial for no matter how much I try to blanket myself in religion and righteousness.

Hey, you brought it up.
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