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Everything I Need to Know About World War II...

"Of course, the very last time had been World War II. Hitler had at first embraced the fey of Europe. He'd wanted to add them to the genetic mix of his master race. Then he'd met a few of the less human members of the fey. Among ourselves there is a class structure as rigid and unbreakable as it is foolish; the Seelie Court especially looks down on those who do not look like blood. Hitler mistook this arrogance for lack of caring. But it was like a family with siblings. Among themselves they could fight and beat each other bloody, but let anyone turn on one of them and they became a united force against the common enemy.

"Hitler used the wizards hed gathered to trap and destroy the lesser fey. His fey allies didn't desert him. They turned on him without warning. Humans would have felt the need to distance themselves from him, to warn him of their change of heart, or maybe that was an American ideal. It certainly wasn't a fey ideal. The allies found Hitler and all the wizards hanging up by their feet in his underground bunker. They never found his mistress, Eva Braun. Every once in a while the tabloids say Hitler's grandson has been found.

"None of my direct relatives were involved in Hitler's death, so I don't know for sure, but I suspect strongly that something simply ate her."

-Meredith Gentry, A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton, page 295, paragraphs 2-4

Between the above passage and the Hellsing manga, I theorize that by the time I am 25 I will have absolutely no grasp of what actually happened in WWII. I picture myself sitting on a couch years from now, with my few friends sitting on the other end as far away from me as possible because they don't trust me that much, and we'll be watching some documentary on the History Channel. And as it ends, I'll leap from the couch and scream "What about the faeries?! And the vampires?! This is incredibly inaccurate!" and as I go to pen an angry letter my friends will make a break for the door, and probably one of them will have me committed. And you know, the sad thing is the faeries and the vampires make more sense to me than the "Hitler is alive and well and living in Brazil" theory.

Now what I want to know is how do the martians factor into all of this?
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