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German Hellsing

A German Hellsing fic I read last night had me looking into the German version of Hellsing (I am thinking of buying either the German anime or manga). Apparently in the German version Integra's name is "Lady Integra". In English. This could be because of German culture (and, if you're a citizen, law) doesn't allow people to have a name that belongs to the opposite sex. (There's even a case where an Israeli couple who had their daughter in Germany weren't allowed to give her a popular female Hebrew name because in Germany it's considered a man's name. They ended up only letting them name her that if they hyphenated her first name with her middle name to make one name.) In Britain, the female equivilant of "Sir" would be "Dame". However, in German, "Dame" (dahm) means "Lady" anyway, and since in the German translation they try to keep English terms in English where applicable, they probably just figured it was easier to use "Lady".

On some German message boards there was actually some discussion over whether Integra was originally male between people who found out her name was originally "Sir Integra" in the original Japanese version (and various other translations). The following conversation took place:

"They made him a her because of her relationship with Alucard."
"That's only in the anime. In the manga he is with Victoria."

I am dying to know whether they think the boobs are just for the Germans' benefit or not.

For those of you who are wondering, the same message board said that in Germany, it took volume four a long time to come out because they had to edit out the swastikas on the Millennium Group's uniform. According to the rumor in Germany, the Hellsing manga wasn't even going to be released in Germany because they would have to take out the swastikas (in Germany you can mention the Nazi party, and even depict them, but you aren't allowed to print swastikas) and the mangaka didn't want them to alter his work. Whether the last part is true or not, when the Millennium Group was introduced the new symbol of their party was a small cross or plus sign in the middle of a circle. Makes me wonder what Rip's necklace looks like. :P (If I go ahead and buy it I'll scan it.)

There was also quite an arguement over whether 7,90 euro (about $10.37 American) is outrageous for manga or not. I mean, it got vicious. Apparently there are some damn cheap fans in Germany...
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