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21 March 2005 @ 01:26 am
WIP List  
I know I claimed that I don't write these things because I jinx myself, but I seriously feel I will forget something if I don't put this here. Just note that I make no promises that any of this will ever see the light of day:

Days in Hell, Chapter Two - Already about 40% complete, should be done by next weekend. Work has been completely sapping my time to work on it, but I will finish it, even if I have to recruit people to flog me to do it.

What Master Wants... - My AxI yuri I have planned. Actually have it about 20% done, but got distracted. (It's so hard to write smut when family is intruding and cleaning the house around you.)

That Thing for Thess (working title, obviously :P) - I asked sir_hellsing if I could do the shower!sex scene she mentioned at the end of Female of the Species, and she said I could if I wanted to. I am not sure if I'll get around to it, but if people really want to see it keep poking me (I won't get angry if you bug me, honest) and I'll get around to it.

Chimera - A fic I have planned mostly about Yumiko/Yumie, but with some HxY because...well, because. ^_^

Also, I am thinking of writing a fic about transgendered!Integra, just because the topic is my one fandom pet-peeve and I could show all those people who screw it up how you really do it and be done with it! *Angry and egotistical!*

EDIT: Forgot this Hellsing idea...

Legendary - A silly anime/manga mixing fic about an organ thief who is stealing vampires' organs (much to their annoyance). See how many urban legends you can count as the story unfolds.

Get Backers:
Know Thy Enemy - One-shot about Himiko and Mirror Himiko that I really should have wrote back when I declared Mirror Himiko day. ~_~ Oh well. I don't control when the plotbunnies decide to hump me.

Fear - Probably the last of the "Snapshots" collection starring the ever-popular Chibi Himiko. I can't promise it'll be the last, but it's the last one I have any idea for. (Those also take about 20 minutes each to write, so it shouldn't be hard to write this.)

Recruitment - I think I'll expand on this a little bit. I am not sure. I'll have to ask certain people if it looks good as a one-shot or if it merits becoming something more.

Bloody - Akabane character piece I started a while ago. I would really like to finish it. Great disturbing imagery. ^_^

Also need to write a couples rant (because everyone on my flist is doing it) and finish my Kagami x Himiko essay for ship_manifesto. (Dammit, I keep focusing on Himiko and forgetting about Kagami. ~_~ Is there a character manifesto LJ anywhere?)
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Lorenasir_hellsing on March 20th, 2005 11:06 pm (UTC)

Is it enough?

HxY? *eyebrow* I <3 you.
A Guy Named Goo: Good Girls/Bad Girlsaguynamedgoo on March 21st, 2005 06:40 am (UTC)
*Is bothered and poked; schedules fic for writing after work.* Yes, I believe that will be sufficient. If you don't see results in a couple days, poke again. And again in that fashion until I finally get off my ass and do it. :P

And yes, HxY. ^_^ I finally bought the first five volumes of Hellsing when I was paid last week (I read it last autumn, but then I moved and the copies belonged to my roommates). I was re-reading volumes 1-3 this weekend (I have read up to four, so I am not manga-illiterate so much as I am worried about getting things wrong when I don't have the books right in front of me) and looking at the Cross Fire shorts and the plotbunnies began to viciously hump my leg. It's better to just imagine me as wearing a writhing, living suit of bunnies.

Anyway, I got kind of an unusual theory about the Yumiko/Yumie situation. It probably still would have worked even with the glasses thing, but I just wanted to be sure. I just know that when I finally write it, I am canning Heinkel's accent. ~_~ It insults me as someone who knows that yes, in German w is pronounced like a v, but v is not pronounced as a w. It's closer to an f. At least the English translators seemed to recover from that error when Millennium was introduced. It memory serves me right, anyway. :/ *Let brother borrow vols. 1-3.*
Rook the Librarian: artificial intelligencegisho on March 21st, 2005 07:38 am (UTC)
I think there is a character-manifesto LJ, but unfortunately, I don't remeber the address. The mod of shi_manifesto might.
Kimkelles on March 21st, 2005 08:45 am (UTC)
*poke* Write the shower scene - pretty, pretty, please. Must say my own visions of that had me wanting more. So very hot and glad to hear you are planning to write it. Just like sir_hellsing to tease us with such a hot vision and not write even a little of almost smut.

I can't wait to read your stuff when you finish. Especially the SxI yuri. *Yum* There is not enough out there. And the YxH. Not enough of that out there either. I just love femme-slash in Hellsing. And I do know about the smut & family. I have to yell at my kids to not read the PC screen when I'm writing it. And it is so difficult writing at it when my kids are fighting over the TV or video games. XD
A Guy Named Goo: Integra Ode to Cynthiaaguynamedgoo on March 21st, 2005 06:27 pm (UTC)
So many Hellsing fans are married/have kids. O_o I feel like the baby of the fandom. Wait...my 17 year old brother, little sister (I adopted her online), and my brother's 16 year old girlfriend are Hellsing fans. I am not the baby!