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Oh Crappy Day

Today was one of those days where I wonder why I bother existing. I am still sick, but while my flist may accept that I need R&R and let me off the hook on the fic front, unfortunately work isn't nearly as forgiving. So I went to work for nine and a half hours today, trying to make up some of the time I took off yesterday. And I am doing it again next week, since the building closes by six on Fridays and I don't work this Saturday. Thank God for small miracles: no work this weekend and tomorrow is payday.

I only made one sale at work today. It would have been two, but during the second one the woman's DPA was declined. I thought it was my fault, but it turns out the idiot made her last payment late and didn't think that was important to mention. So she said "oops, call back in a couple of weeks" and hung up. My TL took off early so when I was having a meltdown and needed him he was nowhere to be seen, and I couldn't find another manager and had to get help from someone else on my team.

Then at the end of the day, Outbound decided to screw me over by sending me calls that were expired or already renewed, right up until the very second I left, so I spent an hour and a half in wrap-up coding calls out of my dailer, and e-mailing my TL, hoping and praying that he buys my excuse for being on wrap-up and not calling anyone for an hour and a half.

(For those of you who don't know, I work for Dell. I call Dell customers whose warranties are about to expire and offer them extensions. Yes, I am technically a telemarketer. Outbound, short for Outbound Request as I am technically in Outbound Sales, consists of the people who fix prices on sales that are always wrong, finish the extensions on upgrade/extension combos, and send us our calls. I picture them as a group of maybe four people sitting in a dark, closet-like room, hovering over computers and waiting for e-mails. My job seems more whimsical that way. I am also convinced they have it in for me personally.)

I also got to fight with an Indian woman who was thoroughly convinced I was her doctor for some ungodly reason. I hope her doctor doesn't mind her walking in today, because I couldn't convince her that I wasn't her doctor. ~_~

I also think there's some descrimination going on against me. Or other people seem to think so. I am too passive to call anyone out on it, and too naiive to see it if it is going on. Plus living on the verge of a panic attack blinds me a bit to what other people are doing to me and around me. I really think I have to reduce my hours, because I am risking losing the last of my sanity and my health working at this place.

And my internet didn't work at all this morning, which left me spending about ten hours in withdrawal at work, wondering what e-mail had been sent to me in the night. At least my Hellsing mini-busts came today. I got Integra and Seras, although I need to get superglue for Integra's cigar and glasses. And whaddya know, the base really does say Integla. The Seras one is so damn cute, though.

And my little sister velvet_ropes made me a new icon. *Points* Love. ^_^

EDIT: And my night isn't quite over: my comp crashed and I had to reformat it. I lost everything. Fortunately the only piece of writing I had on it was Days in Hell, and that I was writing by hand and transferring to the comp. I think there was maybe one paragraph in it that isn't in the handwritten version. But still, all my other projects, all my MP3s, all my essays...gone. I am seriously thinking of saying to hell with the 40,000 things I need to do with my paycheck and getting a new comp. I can get a Dimension 2400 really cheap (although not at a discount. You'd think since I work for Dell I would, but nope. ~_~ Not even a discount on the warranty). Too bad my credit is crap or I'd get a DPA and pay little monthly payments.

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