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New Bag!

Here it is, my new bag:

The pins are Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy VII) and Himiko and Ban (from Get Backers). I got them at Otakon last year. The keychains are two monkies (Ritsu ^_^) and my Suncoast Replay cards. My work badge is barely visible in the pic behind the keychains. And that black thing in the corner is my sleeve. Trust me: you don't want to see any other part. ~_~

Also, for the whole none of you wondering what will become of Ol' Blue (my backpack, for the uninitiated into the Gooniverse), he will get a good home: he is going to be a prize for a bingo game at an insane asylum. Which is what I hope people say about me when I go.

Also, I finally finished the cast list for the Get Backers version of the musical Chess (a.k.a. that musical that "One Night in Bangkok" originally came from. The popular version that you hear on the radio is from the London cast recording and is performed by Murry Head as the American). All none of you on my flist who is familiar with both, check it out for me:

The American: Ban
The Russian: Kagami
Florence: Himiko
Molokov: Masaki
The Arbiter: Der Kaiser (I just like getting a chance to say "Der Kaiser". He he. ^_^)
The Diplomats: "Gods" of Babylon City
The Townspeople: People of Lower Town
The Mayor: MakubeX
Svetlana: Mirror Himiko

Ginji and Akabane are kinda...there. :P

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