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Happy Easter

I think I will write Thess's smut when I get home. Because nothing is quite like defiling a holy day with homoerotic porn. Yeah, I'm going to Hell. But then, working on Good Friday already put me half-way there.

I joined yuri, and the only question anyone ever asks that comm is "where can I find non-hentai yuri?". All the damn time. Shouldn't they be on a shoujo ai comm or something? Can I not post my tales of Sapphic pleasure on there? (Speaking of which, a post on fanficrants reminded me of a really bad IxS I want to rip apart on hellsingreviews someday).

Get Backers musing: Pretty much Shinjuku's (and all of Japan's) way of handling Mugenjyou is pretending it is not there. They raise their kids to avoid it and anyone from there. Yet we know two things: 1.) Mugenjyou causes people to develop weird powers and 2.) people occasionally leave of their own accord. Why is it Get Backers never deals with what people on the outside think of people who are from Mugenjyou?
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