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[Fic] Midnight Delivery [Hellsing/Get Backers crossover]

First, let me explain. This is for sir_hellsing's challenge for hellsingreviews. Unfortunately I kinda lost half the story. But because the deadline has been extended too long thanks to me already, I decided to go ahead and post what I have up until a good break-off point, and then add to it if I have time before she compiles these stories to be posted elsewhere, so at least I have something. It's short, and it's not terribly good, but it exists at the very least.

Disclaimer- I don't own Get Backers or Hellsing. I just think Integra and Himiko (a.k.a. the I and H of the IHR) are the sex. Also, I ended up going with anime continuity of both series. Warning: story is unbeta'd. Very unbeta'd. As in if I make only one horribly embarrassing Freudian typo, then I consider myself lucky, but I couldn't find someone to beta for me.

Midnight Delivery
By A Guy Named Goo

The small private airport was deserted at this time of night. All of the planes were still, almost as if they were sleeping. There were no lights on in the small building, the landing strip was clear, and even the tower where the air traffic control officer guided the private planes was empty, its regular occupant having gone home to rest. The only signs of life came from the tiny runway lights, the street lamps in the small parking lot, and two figures standing in front of two very large crates in front of the building.

"They are supposed to be prompt," Integra noted.

Walter nodded, withdrawing a pocket watch from his vest pocket to check the time. "We did arrive sooner than expected. I honestly didn't expect the plane to be read to leave so soon." He closed the watch once more and pocketed it.

Integra nodded. "And you're sure that these people can be trusted?"

"Everything I have been told about them suggests that they are the best men for the job," Walter reassured her. "They aren't normal couriers. They are used to dangerous and discrete jobs. Many members of Tokyo's underground employ them. But they are very mercenary, so their alliance to us only lasts for as long as they are employed by us and we are paying them."

"I only need them to transport our 'cargo' quickly and safely. After that, I don't really care what they do," Integra said by way of approval.

The conversation was interrupted by a blinding flash of huge headlights turning into the parking lot. The large semi-truck barreled toward the building and the people standing in front of it, only to screech to a halt in a way that made Integra flinch. There was a sound of air being released, and the monstrous piece of automotive ingenuity began to idle right in front of Integra and Walter. Too close for comfort, in fact.

At first, nothing happened for several moments. Finally, the door on the passenger side of the cab popped open. The first figure to hop out of the truck was a very tall man dressed entirely in black. His coat was long, a combination of a suit jacket and a trench coat. His black slackers were neatly pressed, his black tie was perfectly straight, and his black showed were smartly polished. His hair was black and stringer, and his eyes were obscured as he gripped hte brim of his wide black hat between his white gloved fingers in a way that was eerily familiar. In fact, his crisp white shirt, white gloves, and pale skin where the only parts of him that weren't black.

The figure stood next to the truck for a moment, looking inside the cab. A moment later, another person jumped out of the truck. although this person was much smaller than the man, he made no motion to help her out of the cab. The tiny figure looked far too young to be a courier. Her short dark green hair was slightly messy, with strands blowing into her naturally tanned face, and her violet eyes were narrowed. Her figure was appreciable in her tightly-fitting violet Chinese style top and spandex leggings, and in the light from the truck's headlights Integra could make out small stud earrings glittering in each of her ears.

It was the girl that approached the pair first, her stride sure and proud as she stepped up to Integra, craning her neck upward so that she could look the older woman in the eye, the man following her close behind. As she met Integra's gaze, she reakuzed that she wasn't just a little girl: her eyes were cold and hard, absent of any traces of innocent. Just below her left eye was a little red star. It looked like an actual ingrained feature on her face, like a birthmark or a tattoo.

"Are you Sir Hellsing?" the girl asked Integra. Well, she had to give her credit in that respect: most people would have spoken to the nearest man when addressing "Sir Hellsing". Although it could have just been that the mediator Integra had hired to find the transporters and offer them the job told them to expect a woman.

Integra nodded. "And I assume you're the transporters that I hired."

The girl nodded. "I'm Kudou Himiko. And that's my colleague, Akabane Kuroudo." She gestured wth her hand toward the man standing behind her. "The negotiator already gave us your deposit, so as soon as the cargo is loaded we can leave. Once we reach our destination, we'll give you your items once we recieve the rest of our payment."

The statement of temrs sounded scripted, as if Himiko had used it on many clients before Integra. She couldn't but wonder just how long this young girl had been working in such a dangerous career field. Or what she had done to become one of the top transporting names on Tokyo's criminal underground.

"And I can trust you to deliver the packages discretely," Integra stated, purposely not making it a question.

Himiko nodded. "We don't care what is in the boxes, or what you do with it when it gets to its destination. Our only concern is getting it to its final destination safely, at any cost." The teen sounded proud of this policy. Or perhaps it was the degree of professionalism that she held that she was proud of.

"Himiko-san, if Sir Hellsing-san has a deadly, we should be leaving soon," Akabane states. His voice was smooth as silk, and the suggestion wasn't quite a request, but it was obvious he was seeking her approval none the less. The situation struck Integra as oddly familiar.

Himiko nodded. "if Sir Hellsing doesn't have any more questions, we can leave as soon as the truck is loaded." She was speaking to Akabane, but staring at Integra as she did.

Intergra shook her head. "No. You have addressed all of my concerns satisfactorily."

Himiko finally broke her eye contact with Integra, staring at the two large crates. She turn back toward the truck. "Maguruma-san!" she called out.

The craggy face of a rather unattractive middle-aged man appeared in the window of the truck. "Yeah?" the man grunted.

Himiko pointed at the boxes. "Help us load these into the truck."

Maguruma stayed in the truck for a few moments, sizing up the large wooden crates. They were standing upright side by side, and were both taller than the people standing in front of them, and at least as wide as two people. After finishing this evaluation, the door popped open, and the large man jumped out.

Himiko turned back toward Integra. "That's Maguruma Gozou, our driver." Integra watched the man approach the crate directly behind her, remember the theatrics the truck had managed to pull of just while pulling in. Well, one thins was for certain: this job would be pulled off fast.

I can help as well-" Walter started, but Integra raised a silencing hand.

"Let them do what I am paying them to do," Integra told him. "she looked down at Himiko again. The girl didn't look very happy.

"Truly where we earn our keep..." Akabane said with a smile. He seemed genuinely amused as he walked back over to the truck, opening a door that lead to the rear of the cab. He pulled down a metal ramp that was attached to the cab.

Maguruma stepped behind one crate, muttering "pardon me" to Integra as he passed. He gripped the handles of the dolly as Integra stepped out of the way, and began to push the crate into the cab. He was joined momentarilly by Akabane, who had gone to the crate behind Walter after pulling out the ramp.

Himiko watched the men load the truck, then turned back to Integra once the crates were inside and the ramp had been retracted, the door to the cab slamming shut behind it. "Right now they are tying the crates down so they won't be harmed during the trip. Is there anything else I can help you with, Sir Hellsing?" Her tone of voice was icy and professional. Integra was unsure of why, but it unnerved her.

Integra turned to face Walter. "When will our own ride be here?"

Walter withdrew his pocket watch again. "In about ten minutes. You wanted to give the transporters opportunity to leave before our own escort arrived."

Integra nodded, then looked down at the girl. "I think I would prefer to accompany you."

Himiko's eyes narrowed. "We're professionals of the highest calibur. The best in our field. I assure you, we don't need supervision."

Integra smiled at the minor outburst, although she hadn't meant to wound the girl's pride. "I trust you three, " Integra said plainly. "It's what you're transporting that I don't trust."

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