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Everything I Need to Know I Learned from the TokyoPop Get Backers Translation

Although I am not a big fan of Akabane, I find what they did to him to be criminal. The man is supposed to have the creepy uber-polite Hannibal Lecter thing going, and instead they make him use as much outdated slang as the boys. Something about Akabane saying he's "just chillin'" doesn't sit well with me.

I have mixed feelings about Himiko. I think they are trying to make her less cold and ruthless than she actually is. All of her lines about pride in her work or professionalism are replaced by her reprimanding Akabane (although they left the part about Himiko not usually having qualms with killing as long as the victims weren't defenseless and innocent, as told to us by Akabane). On the other hand, I love the way she talks now. I don't know why. It makes her sound so tough. It's sexy.

To Ginji: "What's that saying? Damned if you do, completely fucked if you don't."

She also has a penchant for colorful metaphors now:
"I am not giving you back to Ban Mido, but we don't have room for strays, and you know what they do to animals that can't find homes!"

Actually, that was just this side of lame. She's more foul-mouthed when she spazzes out over remembering Ban, though. Which seems to fit better considering the context.

But they fucked up my beloved Ginji/Himiko scene. Not badly, just instead of Ginji talking about her eyes making her look like she's been caught in a cold rain with no one left to trust and nothing left to believe in, he starts in on some shit about her having seen more than her soul can handle and that too many people have hurt her. Which is the same, but different.

All in all, C-. For this arc. I give a D- to the part before it because of the usage of the term "did you have a hot dream?". (They seem to have a grudge against Ban's "just one minute!" and "Did you have a nice dream?".)
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