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May post some of these on hellsing if people think I should. Only one gratuitous nude shot (in the first actual comic story). Also some loli stuff in places.

Vector Drain
Front Cover
Alucard licks boobies!
Rip humps her gun! (Well, that's what it looks like. :P)

Rescue Me: I'm not entirely sure what is going on here. It looks like Seras got a tape of Integra bathing, which she is trying to give to Pip and Alucard. I don't understand the punchline, but it looks like something to do with the tape actually having Integra as a little kid on it. Pages: 1|2|3|3

Like a Virgin: A one-page comic about young Walter and Alucard. Not sure what's going on, but Walter is putting someone's head in a bag in the first panel. :/

Chibi Seras (My second favorite pic in this book. It's absolutely gorgeous.)
Sexy Nightie Integra

Like a Virgin 2: Another one-page comic, this one about Seras and Integra. Again, not a damn clue what is going on, but it looks one-sided femmeslashy and that's good enough for me. (And watch as the Japanese majors on my flist try to prove me wrong!)

Sexy Seras (There's blood dripping down her right thigh for some reason. Trying hard not to think of The Fic That Shall Not Be Named.)
Integra and Sir Islands (Thanks, sir_hellsing for pointing out who is in the pic with Integra. I'm sure there's a story here, but I can't translate the endless rows of Japanese text to figure it out.)
Tastefully Naked Depressed Integra

Take a Vow: The notes seem to acknowledge that the person knows the song is called "Take a Bow" (she has a Madonna theme going in this doujinshi), although whether she changed it to "vow" as a translation error or intentionally, I can't tell and I don't care much either way. This seems to be a lolicon comic (and the longest one in the book) about Alucard trying to seduce young Integra. Very young. She looks maybe 10 in this comic, although she is probably supposed to be her 13 year old self. Well, if you like that sort of thing or just want to see Alucard looking pretty (and pedophilic) then here it is. Pages: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9

Alucard and Gothic Lolita Integra (Ow. My brain just broke.)
Vatican or Bust! (Best. Picture. EVAR.)
Schrödinger Playing With a Puppy
Back Cover

EDIT: I should also mention that you are free to use these for iconning if you'd like to. The Doujinshi group that made it is on the back cover. Just note that if you wanna use the Vatican or Bust one, you won't be the only one. :P *Gonna use the hell out of it.*
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