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Ganked from militarypenguin:

My ten fandom shames:

1.) My first fic ever was a Star Wars Sue, a Jedi with OMG awesome powers and a purple lightsaber. Sadly, said Sue ended up becoming an original character I used for years in my writing (hey, I was in the fourth grade!).
2.) In the sixth grade I stitched a sampler devoted to my love of Star Wars. And hung it off my desk at school.
3.) I also wrote about the show Space Cases when I was in fifth grade, and my fist completed fanfic was a Space Cases Sue that I wrote on a schoolbus on a field trip.
4.) I had Digmon notebooks, folders, book covers, writing utensils, and other school supplies. When I was in the ninth grade.
5.) Early in my online writing career I wrote yaoi for Digimon and committed every fanfic sin known to man, including a lot of OOCness, badly written sex, character bashing, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Although I got over it, to this day I have an irrational hatred of Sora that I can't shake.
6.) I wrote the world's biggest songfic. For Gravitation, no less.
7.) When I'm home bored, I make my Integra and Seras figures act out horribly OOC porno-esque sex plots.
8.) I am a fan of the Sailor Moon fandom, but not of the series itself. I have actually only seen a few episodes of the anime (dubbed, no less) and about four random volumes of the manga, but because I am so into the fandom for it, many fans can't tell the difference when they talk to me about it.
9.) I still like/write songfics, but I usually take out all but the opening lyrics when I am done.
10.) I write things I am ashamed to admit I wrote under different pennames on various archives.

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