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Today's Edition of Why The World Sucks

I went to see Star Wars with my friend Jake, and he brought a couple of friends (one of which happened to be black, by the way). The movie was over at about midnight. Well, we are going by a cemetary and he is doing about 10 over the speed limit, so he gets pulled over in his new car he got today. As in he has no registration or insurence. No nothing. Well, he made the admittedly stupid mistake of pulling into someone's driveway when he was supposed to pull over, making her think he was trying to get away (two cars came to pull us over, BTW).

So she makes us all get out, searches the car, searches our stuff (I had a bottle of pills in my bag but they were prescribed to me and they were just 600mg ibuprofin), takes all our IDs and runs a scan on us. She comes back and says that Jake's license was suspended. He asks her why. She says she can't say. He asks her again why, saying he knows legally that she can't do that because he has recieved no notice. She says "it just says other. I could arrest you right now, but I'll just write you a summons and take your license." So he demands again to know why since the only other time he has been pulled over in his life was over a year ago, and she says take it up with the court. The only other person in the car who is able to drive hasn't driven in forever and it was raining, so he was panicking and he had to take me home, and I lived a half hour away.

But the biggest billshit was we got pulled over again by the same cop. She said it was just to tell us our daytime running lights were on, but she swept the car again, like she expected us to light up a joint a block away or something. I swear to god, it was just because we were young and we were out late and possibly because someone in the car was black.

She asked us why we were out so late and when we said we saw Star Wars she asked us if it was good, and we all said yes. Then she asked us for our tickets (thank God I obsessively save ticket stubs). But seriously, if I weren't so quirky and I were like everyone else and chucked them once we were in the movie, what then?

Jake just had his license checked today when he bought his new car. We were all kinda wondering if it was the other guy who ended up driving that actually had the suspended license, because he admitted he got pulled over a lot, and they just mixed them up.

As a rule I like cops. I've known many good ones in my life. But some of them are just assholes that abuse their power.

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