A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

I am such a lucky person... ~_~

So I go to Physical Therapy yesterday, and they check out my arm and tell me that other than needing to build strength in it again it's all better and I don't need PT anymore. Yay, right? Then they start looking over my hand, and before I know it they are telling me that there's something wrong with my hand, to stop using it, to wear my wrist splint, that I might need surgery, et cetera... *Sighs* The universe will not be happy unless it takes my right arm, will it? (I am not wearing the split or refraining from using it right now.)

Also, paraphrased conversations that prove that FMA has leached into my brain and, apparently, my body:

velvet_ropes: Well, if you do lose your right arm you could always get automail!
Me: I'm too much of a pussy for automail. But it takes a real man to admit he's a complete pussy.

Me: I found a site that has all the episodes of FMA. They said after the seeds are all gone they aren't seeding it anymore and they are taking down the torrent, but there are 98 seeds left so I'm not worried.
velvet_ropes: ...but it only takes one seed to get pregnant.
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