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I r winnar!

Yay, I finally won my worker's comp claim! They told me yesterday they were cutting my check for my back benefits, and as of my last doctor's appointment I qualify for future benefits as well! I have no clue how much I'm getting, but I learned about my mother's thought process:

Mother: When you get your check, want to put it toward the down payment on an apartment and I'll pay the rent until you can go back to work?
Me: *Wondering what the catch is* Okay, but I still need furniture and stuff...
Mother: Well, I'll be living with you so you'll use my furniture and things. I can afford the monthly rent, but I can't afford a down payment.
Me: ~_~

And if you want to know about the doctor's appointment, after the doctor shocked the hell out of my arm and stuck seven needles into my neck and arm (ahhh, that takes me back) they told me that it's hard to see carpal tunnel in people as young as me because their nerves build up risidual strength and hide the damage, and the damage has to be really extensive to show up, but they'll treat me for carpal tunnel, and if I don't have it just yet or if it's still mild that should prevent it from getting worse, and if I do have it it will make it better. No word on whether that includes surgery or not, but I am thinking not.

Oh, and I finished watching all of FMA in one marathon this morning. (Well, if by "marathon" one means "episodes 45-51".)

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