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Update from No Internet Land

Okay, I decided rather than quit cold turkey I would give mini updates about myself from work and school on my LJ so you don't think I died or something in the course of my Internet-free week.

For those of you who don't know, I willingly unplugged my Internet for a week so I could accomplish at least most of the 50,000 things I have about three weeks left to do. If you have my phone number, feel free to call me. I will either be ass-deep in paperwork and will welcome the respite, or sitting in the corner waiting for my head to a-splode. Or I might just be making icons and playing Zuma. *Cough*

Gripe of the Week: This is actually from Saturday, but since I never bitched about it on my LJ I'll say it's my gripe for this week. Drake, who I love and adore and worship and would like to take this opportunity to remind I have two months left on my domain, decided to buy me DVDs of my all-time favorite movies. This is easier said than done, because my favorite movies are four of the most obscure movies in existence. (Cookie to whoever can name the movie series. Oral sex to who can give me the title of my favorite of the four.) This company claimed to have all four in stock, but when he ordered them it took them a month in a half to e-mail him and say they had two in and were sending them out.

Drake and I assumed that they meant they were waiting for two and could send out all four. But no, they actually sent me two. Worse, it's the first and fourth one. I am still agonizing over watching the first not knowing when I can see the rest, or letting it collect dust as I wait God-only-knows-how-long to get the other two.

The company is called DVDSoon (ironicly) and comes out of Canada, but ships to the US and UK. Avoid them. They suck.

In other news, I would like to give a cyberslap to a certain fangirl who apparently finds child molestation and serial rape/murder to be a charming quality. (No, not you, Rami. Someone I am already not very fond of.) No reason other than it's early in the morning and I want to hurt someone.

And now I shall take my leave of you all. Adieu, my friends. Adieu, my Internet. Parting in such sweet sorrow.
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