A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo


Why the hell are all the FMA Suethors stalking me? I haven't sporked any, haven't reviewed any, haven't even posted my own OC fics. What few FMA fics I have are quite obscure, and I am not even that active in the fandom. So tell me, WHY ME?

I know why tbe GB Suethors stalk me: I told them to. But none of these Suethors who keep IMing me just to tell me about their new abominations. Is this common to all FMA fans? Do they have people randomly IMing them all the time to give them the head's up on the latest "Elric sister", "Izumi's student", or "performed a human transmutation and lost the opposite limbs Ed lost" horror about to make it's way down the Pit's pipeline?


Makes me glad I made my default icon when I did. I am the Wholly Unremarkable Alchemist, taking a stand agaist unnecessarily flashy alchemy. Because, goddamn it, sometimes a steel ladder just works better than a silver one and a stone well is more practical than a pretty fountain!

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