A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Submitted for PHOASD Approval

A bunch of military police get drunk and discuss the attempts at human transmutations that they arrested. As told by yours truly and reunion:

aguynamedgoo: "See this one? Her name was Angel Skyheart and she was known as the most beautiful and talented alchemist who ever lived. She tried to bring back her boyfriend and now her face is missing."
reunion: "Oh yeah? Well I had to clean up after a girl named Brittney Strife who had the most startling violet eyes. Orbs, she used to call them. She tried to bring her little sister back and she lost both eyes -- they exploded right out of her head!"
reunion: "I remember a girl called the Beautiful Alchemist. She attempted a human transmutation on her mother and lost HER BRAIN! Not that anyone noticed the difference, of course."
aguynamedgoo: "This one was named Sakura Moonflower. She claimed some woman named Izumi Curtis was her mother and we found her with both of her arms broken." "Who did she attempt to resurrect?" "No one. She just met that woman in a dark alley."
reunion: *snerk*
aguynamedgoo: "This one claims her name is Rose Elric. She's missing all of her limbs. She claims she is the Elric brothers' sister and that she helped them raise their mother, so we have to guess she lost her mind as well."

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