A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Whoo, I got avatarified!

First, GIP!

Damn Snopes message boards. For the unitiated, I am completely alien to the concept of the LJ cut on my personal journal most of the time. If the presence of a few pics threatens to bring your entire friends page to its knees *coughsdailupperscough* then let me know and I will cut the pics.

Made here:

OMG I look so emo! I really do look like that, but the hoodie and shoes are FMA. :P

My Wholly Unremarkable Alchemist persona. :P Okay, so I look Suishly close to Ed, but I didn't design the outfit. (okami_hu did. The pic she drew can be found here.) Sadly, there was nothing that resembled the Doorknob Stick to be found on that site.

And made here:

Oh noes, now I'm preppy! I love snow, though. :P

And last but not least, made here:

No, I'm not procrastinating on writing at all. *Whistles innocently.*

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