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Yay Snow!

It's snowing! Huzzah! If only there were an FMA parka for those of us who live in frigid sub-Arctic climates, I could go out and relish in it. But where it stands, I only have my FMA hoodie, and that leaves me sadly unprotected and unable to go out and play in the snow. I'm a sad Goo.

I also got invited to the NOE Christmas party today. NOE is the organisation I get therapy through and owns the bakery I work at, and is a program for assisting the mentally ill or impaired. My grandmother informed me that due to my karaoke antics at the Thanksgiving party last week, the "cool people" of NOE have unanimously decided that I am cool. I am so getting that on a T-shirt: "The Crazy People Think I'm Cool!".

And a note to my OCs: stop materializing family. I don't care if a sibling would give a certain character a motive, something I have been struggling with for almost 40,000 words now. Too many OCs spoil the plot, not to mention push the characters dangerously close to Mary Suishness.

*Randomly selects a mood because he's almost forgotten what his mood theme is, it's been so long since he's used it. ~_~*
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