A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
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Stop the World. I Want to Get Off.

Thanksgiving sucked. I knew it would. I'll spare you all the details since most of my flist seems to be in a fairly good mood (except for slytherinblack. OMG HOW IZ YER NANNO GOING?! I HAVE 346567385685683568 WORDZ DONE LOL.), but as I mentioned to a few folks on AIM, I would like family holidays a lot more if I didn't have to spend them with my family.

And then I wake up to this wank on my flist. Now, I'm used to wank. It's all part of fandom, and after a while all parties lose their energy or realize it's just a fucking anime/book/movie/TV show/whatthehellever. (I am not trying to detract from the greatness of certain things. I don't have to tell you guys I get just as wrapped up in things as everyone else, and occasionally need a smack with the clue-by-four to put things in perspective).

But this isn't fandom-related wank. That rolls right off of me. This affects people's lives. These people are taking real-life issues that people struggle with every day and, god forbid, look for a little support regarding and maybe are a little less knowledgable than the enlightened masses on the comm, and tear them apart. And why? So they can feel like the better transboys?

Transcomms breed a lot of wank and stuff like this. I am starting to think it's because we all in general don't feel good about ourselves, and some of them develop the bully syndrome where they have to put others down to feel better about themselves. I'm a member of several snark comms myself. Sometimes I disagree with how people go about it, but nine times out of ten I'm laughing with everyone else and slinging my fair share of snark. Maybe I'm just taking this to heart because this is a life issue and I can/have ended up being the one made fun of (I won't post on transgender because of the first response to my first post). I admit that I don't have as thick skin as I always seem to think I do. Maybe I need to toughen up and move on.

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