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First Day of Ficmas

So I arbitrarily decided to start the Twelve Days of Ficmas tonight. Okay, not so arbitrarily: I started it because I signed up to do Ed/Hei in 12daysofficmas and and want as few days where I'm writing/posting two things a day as possible. So here we go!

o/` On the first day of Ficmas that Goo Guy gave to me...
Ed and Heiderich being fluffy! o/`

Title: Edwards Weihnachten
Rating: G
Pairing: Edward Elric x Alfons Heiderich
Spoilers: After Series/Movie
Summary: Alfons tries to explain Christmas to a cynical Edward.
Warnings: A little slash lovin' for this holiday season.
Notes: For the first day of Ficmas, written for wofl_iron. The only Christmas-related fic in the bunch as well. All of the traditions are real German Christmas traditions.

( Have a fake cut, holiday style! )

Crossposted at aguynamedgoo, fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi, and blau_und_gold. Yeah, many people are going to be angry at me.
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