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Yesterday I got a copy of FFX-2. It's so rare that I have money that I winced as I spent it, but I have this thing where I have to play all FFs, no matter how bad or aggrivating. Well, unleash my brother on them, anyway. So I shelled out the cash and brought that puppy home.

Is it just me, or are they not even trying anymore? The dresssphere sequences are just cliché magical girl transformation sequences, the voice acting (especially Paine's although Yuna's is pretty bad) is like nails on a chalkboard (whenever Rikku gets hit in battle my mother asks me what's wrong with her dog), and there are too many pointless minigames that make my head hurt and break my soul.

I finally got my brother to change dressspheres, at least. He was convinced he could beat the game using the same set (the default set, no less). Where the hell is the fun in that?

Also, I have come to one valuable conclusion: I absolutely cannot stand Yuna. She sickens me in a way only Ayaka from Gravitation and Sora from Digimon can. Aside from being the newly-crowned Queen of the Mary Sues, there is the complete 180 she did between the games. Some people might get off on that, but I sure as hell don't.

And the Songstress dresssphere, especially with Yuna, is the stupidest thing ever. Not to mention fucking annoying. The way she repeats the same dance movements when she's just standing there, the way the glowing musical notes float around her, the aggrivating "la la la" singing...shoot me now. Unfortunately, that's the dresssphere my brother decided to work on.

This game is very close to making me stop loving SquareSoft (pardon, Square-Enix). It's like a bad magical girl anime with enough fansservice to keep the boys interested. Between this and the debaucle of "Final Fantasy XI", I'm pretty damn pissed at them. FFVII: Advent Children better be damned good after this. If it isn't, I am going to hate Square.

Granted, I'm only about 38% through FFX-2. But still, it's pissing me off. A lot. Maybe if it weren't an FF game or it wasn't using characters from an FF game I would tolerate it, but it did and I'm pissed.


nose: aguynamdedgoo
elbow: aguyjnazjmerddddddddgoo
tongue: aguynamedgoo
chin: aqguynjmam34dedtgoo
feet: aagyuhyjnhamedghoo
eyes closed and one finger: aguynsmedgii
back of my hand: aguynamedgoo
palm: aghuy nam edgoo
mouse: aguynamedgoo
wrist: aguynaqmeedgoo

I probably shouldn't have done the tongue one. I'm out in the living room and my brother is a teenage boy. 'Nuff said. Actually, my problem was with getting hair on my tongue, and that is just frightening. I was closer than I thought I would be with some of those...

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