A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote,
A Guy Named Goo

Eight Days of Chanufic

I start the Twelve Days of Christmas Meme and then I don't do it. :P I'm doing the Eight Days of Chanufic instead. I can do it later, I need less people, and I'll be the only one doing it! Plus I'm converting to Judaism, but as I haven't announced that to my family yet, it's the closest I'm getting to celebrating Chanukuh (other than privately) this year.

I am also only writing FMA, although I will make one exception for Rent for icedark_elf, if she so desires.

And Ed and Heiderich being fluffy (wofl_iron)
Roy and Hughes as war pals (mullenkamp)
Izumi and Dante discuss men (reunion)
Ed and Al with Mommy (kelles)
Roy and Havoc on dating (rougaroux)
Roy gives Al "the Talk" (neuujezu)
Something about Scieszka (gisho)
Some fluff about the Rent gang (icedark_elf)

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