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Rent-related stuff

So my boss took off at work, so I spent the last hour listening to my Rent soundtrack. I took down our plastic ten gallon bucket, turned it upside down, and used wooden spoons as drumsticks. No, I didn't get any work done.

Also, for those of you who have talked to me about Rent's chances of winning an Oscar on AIM, the answer is "not good":

1.) Golden Globe nominees are out, and Rent didn't get a single nomination. Several movies I haven't even heard of dominate the musical sections.

2.) The reviews have been mixed at best. A glance at rottentomatoes.com, which compiles all the reviews and forms an average for the movie based on that, gave it a 49%, which means a little over half the critics didn't like it or thought it was mediocre.

3.) And for those of you holding out for best song, the Oscar selection committee already put out it's list of 48 contenders for the award, and not only is Rent not on it, it was disqualified. (To win "best original song", the song has to have been written specifically for the movie. Adaptations of musicals are automatically disqualified unless a new song is written for the adaptation. There is a song on the movie soundtrack that was never in the musical, but it's not that good and it was never in the movie, either.)

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